3 Reasons Why You Might Want to Call Us

1. If you’re an entrepreneur: You’ve had a business idea. You are passionate about it. The hitch is that you need money. You need other people who share your passion. You need investors. Stern Fisher will make this connection. And this is how: Once you sign up with us on sternfisher.com, we will vet your business, assist you in refining your teaser and then help you shortlist, from our extensive database of Venture Capitalists and Angel Seed Funds, the potential investors who are appropriate for you. We will organize a meeting between you and one of them.

2. If you’re an investor: From our pool of entrepreneurs, keeping your preferences in mind and after doing a preliminary screening, we will provide you with targeted investment opportunities.

3. Our Board of Advisors:

Abraham Neyman, Hebrew University (Israel)

Ahmet Alkan, Sabanci University (Turkey)

Bernard de Meyers, University of Paris (France)

Chien Wei Wu, Stony Brook University (USA)

Elon Kohlberg, Harvard Business School (USA)

Hitendra Wadhwa, Columbia Business School (USA)

Jean-Francois Mertens, Catholic University of Louvan (France)

Marilda Sotomayor, University of Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Martin Shubik, Yale University (USA)

Naoki Watanabe, Keio University (Japan)

Subhashish Gangopadhyay, India Development Foundation (India)

Yair Tauman, Tel Aviv (Israel) & Stony Brook University (USA)

Why waste a substantial amount of your energy in fishing for either the investor that’s right for you, or the entrepreneur that’s right for you – in a sea that is large, disorderly and daunting?

Entrust Stern Fisher with that responsibility.

We Will Deliver.

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