Can you recommend resources for a women-owned start up?

There are many government-sponsored programs to encourage the greater participation of women in business, as well as private initiatives that support women entrepreneurs. The Small Business Administration (SBA) and SCORE have well-known programs that support women, and they’re completely free. In addition, there are many private organizations that support women entrepreneurs, including all-women angel networks (e.g. Golden Seeds ) and VC firms that focus on women-led companies (e.g. Isabella Capital). Also, many Fortune 500 companies have given their purchasing departments a mandate to develop vendors that are owned or operated by women, so it’s a good idea to reach out to them and let them know about your company.

While there are many resources exclusively for women entrepreneurs, it would be a mistake to only consider such resources and not consider the many other resources that are available to both men and women. That would be like limiting your choice of college only to all-women institutions. After all, women entrepreneurs face many of the same challenges as their male counterparts, and there are many more resources for entrepreneurs in general than for women entrepreneurs alone. All entrepreneurs need to think strategically, execute flawlessly and earn the trust of investors through good governance; to really succeed in these three areas you should not limit your options to women-only resources.

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