Do You Need a B-School ?

During the past decade, entrepreneurship has become a commonly taught subject in universities. Today, most business schools offer majors in entrepreneurship along with majors in more traditional business areas such as finance, accounting and marketing. However,  the effect of entrepreneurship education is unclear. The main question is the extent to which entrepreneurship is a function of people with definitive personality traits or whether entrepreneurship concerns knowledge and skills which can be developed through education.

If you believe, as I do that entrepreneurship is a function of people with definitive personality traits, along with technical knowledge, ( as opposed to functional knowledge of business), then you should ask yourself to what extent would a b-school foster your innate entrepreneurial fire. While it is true that there are more entrepreneurs emerging from b-school programs focussing on entrepreneurship as compared to b-school programs with other specializations, the vast majority of entrepreneurs have not been to b-schools. This phenomenon is not just because b-school education for entrepreneurs is in its nascent stages ( relative to other specializations) but also because there is something about b-schools that deadens the e-spirit, numbs the risk taking appetite and co-opts a would be entrepreneur into a comfortable fat-check status quo. So my take – forget b-schools, and find other ways to pick up basic accounting.

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