Getting across to those who matter

You’ve got this great idea. Its simple, powerful, and it just might change the world. Trouble is, nobody else wants to believe you. Not even your Dad, who threw a fit when you suffixed the demo with a demand for ‘angel’ funding.

Well, the reception may have nothing to do with the idea and everything about how you handle the most primordial force in the planet: resistance to change, also called the bestial bureaucratic bandwagon.

Most people who are in a position to help, don’t want the world to change. This includes VCssitting on those wads of cash you’re after. They want things to remain just as they are with minor upward tweaks in their own paristhitis ( situation in Hindi). Doing what they need to do to send you into orbit is just a bit too painful given the alternative of doing absolutely nothing at all.
They have never had an original idea in the last ten years, ( yes I mean not even one), so they have forgotten anyone could come up with one. Especially not a snot faced kid like you.

Even if you somehow convince them you may be right, they are in a jealous rage over not having been the recipients of the bolt from above and will do everything to pull you down.

So selling a new idea is hard. How do you do it? One, have faith. There is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come. So persist. Two, keep improving your idea by listening to your target audience’s reactions. There is no idea so perfect that it will not merit tweaking. Three, change your communication strategy. Its one thing to develop a great idea and quite another to communicate it in a compelling way.

If you remember these simple rules, one day, you may own a piece of real estate in the land of ideas that changed the world.

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