New Skills of Entrepreneurs

I am writing this sitting inside a ‘Common Service Centre(CSC)’ in Assam, set up by a ‘Village Level Entrepreneur’ as a franchisee of Zoom Connect. 250000 CSCs are being set up all over India to be single points of access
for Government to Consumer ( G2C) services as well as other digital services. Zoom has won the bid to set up 1550 CSCs in 9 districts of Assam in a public private partnerhip model. The viability of the CSC model depends upon the roll out of G2C services, as well as fast and economical connectivity, in other words, upon complementary activities undertaken by government. Dependancy upon government is an unavoidable part of many new social enterprises and managing ‘government risk’ a new skill that entrepreneurs need along with managing market risk.

Managing government risk involves developing networking, lobbying, research and advocacy competencies. These were formerly the preserve of big business. Not any more. Other lucrative opportunities for startups that require managing government risk include microcredit, IT ( Unique ID Project), and education.

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