Entreprenuerial Quotient

Take the Enterprenuerial Quotient Quiz

To what degree do the following statements correspond to your personality?

1: Totally disagree, 2: Somewhat disagree, 3: Somewhat agree, 4: Totally agree.

S.No. Question Rating
1. I like to give myself challenges when I take on a new project
2. I am willing to put my security at stake to reach my goals
3. I have a hard time functioning in uncertain or ambiguous situations
4. Where others see problems, I see possibilities
5. I prefer taking my time to collect and analyze all related information before acting
6. I have learned more during times of failure than phases of success
7. I distrust my instincts when taking important decisions
8. I want to build something that will be recognized publicly
9. A certain level of stress stimulates me
10. When faced with difficulties, my first reaction is to look for alternative solutions
11. It is alright to bend rules to find a better way of achieving my goals
12. I can easily convince people with my ideas
13. I feel discouraged from moving on to a new project after a failure
14. I try to be the first or the best in my area of competency
15. I often feel stuck by a difficult situation
16. When I take on a project, I am not always sure of the outcome
17. I am capable of imagining how we can make things work better
18. I am the kind of person who sees the glass as half empty instead of half full
19. I always give the best of myself in everything I do at all times
20. I am not always ready to make sacrifices in order to succeed
21. I am fairly curious and continually in search of discovery
22. I would prefer working under an industry leader than being my own boss
23. I don’t consider myself more driven than others
24. I am not afraid to take on new initiatives
25. For me, everything is possible if I believe I can do it