What do I need to do to get VCs’ interest?

I’ve tried contacting VC/PE firms, but they have not agreed to meet me. What do I need to do to get their interest?

Many venture capital firms receive queries from literally hundreds of entrepreneurs each month, and simply cannot meet all of them. Moreover, the typically invest in only a small fraction of the entrepreneurs that they meet. In fact, one of the biggest challenges for venture capital firms is how to efficiently screen out the entrepreneurs who don’t fit their investment criteria, without inadvertently screening out those who do.

In order to utilize their time in the most efficient way, venture capital firms often rely on referrals. A referral could be from a common acquaintance, or it could be via an intermediary that specializes in raising funds for entrepreneurs. An intermediary that understands an investor’s preference in terms of deal size, industry, geography and stage (i.e. the age or maturity of the company) can ensure that an entrepreneur only contacts investors that are appropriate for his or her company. An intermediary can also advise the entrepreneur on how best to present to the investor, further increasing the likelihood of a deal.

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