The Stern Fisher process involves four steps:

  1. Creating a business teaser
  2. Preparation for investor meeting
  3. Setting up a meeting
  4. Handholding the entrepreneur through the process of investment

If this appears onerous remember it is for your good. You do not want to appear before the investor looking unprepared. We have found that many great startups do not know what investors are looking for and therefore end up looking bad when in fact they could be looking awesome.

Our services are as follows:

Service 1: Register on our site and upload your teaser

Your teaser will be visible to the angels but their details will not be visible to you. In case an angel expresses interest, you will be given the contacts of the concerned investor.

Charge: USD 10

Service 2:  Preparation for meeting the investor

You are either an entrepreneur who has managed to get an investor interested though your teaser, or have not yet been able to trigger their attention. In either case you need to tailor a detailed business pitch that will present you in the best light. In order to do this the Stern Fisher Secretariat will listen to your presentation and give you suggestions based on our understanding of what investors are looking for.  The interaction will take place over skype.

Charge : USD 100

Service 3: Presenting to our angels

You have presented to our Secretariat and have been deemed ready to come up before our investors. If angels have already expressed an interest in you through your teaser Stern Fisher will set up a meeting with a suitable panel of angels for you for no charge. In case an angel has not evinced an interest, Stern Fisher will set up a meeting for a small consideration.

Charge: USD 200. No charge will apply if an angel has picked up your teaser.

Service 4: Coaching You through the Investment Process

You have got the investor interested but now you need to finalize the term sheet. You need someone in your corner explaining the various dimensions involved. The Stern Fisher Secretariat  will be your coach through the process.

Charge: 1% of your company in case the deal comes through